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Have you ever run into a situation where you can't edit MP4 files in PowerDirector (15). In this part we'll look at how get PD deals with MP4 perfectly. Cyberlink claims that PowerDirector offer native support for MP4 format. The point here, sometimes...

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If you are looking for an easy and direct way to import and edit Gopro Hero 5 4K MP4 in Final Cut Pro, you may wish to read this post. Learn details now. GoPro has finally released their newest action camera the GoPro Hero 5! With 2 new model Hero5 Black...

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Want to import unrecognized MP4 files into Camtasia Studio 9/8/7 for further editing? Here you will find the easiest solution to get Camtasia accept MP4. You would handle kinds of video files daily, including YouTube MP4 videos, Sony MP4 Camcorder videos(XDCam-EX),...

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Can't play MP4 in Blu-ray player? Fortunately, here offers a widely recommended solution to convert MP4 to Blu-ray player for playback nicely. Read on. MP4 is a popular and widely-used video format. If you have got .mp4 video files and want to watch it...

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Tag(s) : #mp4 to blu-ray player, #blu-ray player read mp4, #get blu-ray player recognize mp4, #play mp4 files on blu-ray player, #blu-ray player not play mp4 solution
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